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  • What are your opening times?
    Monday: 8am-5pm Tuesday: 8am-5pm Wednesday: 8am-5pm Thursday: 8am-5pm Friday: 8am-5pm Saturday: 8am-5pm We are open six days of the week and we can offer service users to your loved ones within the above times! The times can also be adjusted depending on the need. We are also able to offer services on Sunday, we'd be happy to discuss this with yourselves.
  • My child/person I care for has very complex needs, can you still look after them?
    We have a large amount of clients with a range of compex needs, ranging from learning disabilities, mental health issues, autism, mobility issues and many more needs. We have trained staff who are able to look after a range of clients with a range of needs. Give us a call and we can discuss what's best for you and the person you care for.
  • Are you open when it snows?
    Unfortunately not, for the safety and wellbeing of service users we are closed when it snows.
  • How do I know whether 1-1 or 2-1 is best?
    Once again, give us a call and we can discuss the most suitable option for your loved one!
  • My loved one prefers to be with a support worker of the same gender, is that possible?
    Yes! We try to make sure we provide support workers that service users feel comfortable with and if they want one of the same gender then we can prove that.
  • Is your base suitable for those in wheelchairs and limited mobility?
    Yes! Our base is designed so wheelchairs users and those with limited mobility won't have any issues accessing it.
  • Do you do anything different over Halloween, Christmas and Easter?
    Yes! We do themed events such as fancy dress, parties, egg hunts and many more holiday themed activities.
  • How do you know the level of support that's required?
    Before the service user starts with us we speak to the parent/guardian, the service user (if they are able to) and any social workers involved and do a thorough assessment where we find out the service users likes, dislikes, health and medical conditions, dietary requirements and other information so we have a good understanding of the service user to provide them with the best possible experience and support.
  • Are you Covid safe?
    We are constantly monitoring Covid and following government guidance. If the situation gets worse we'll be quick to make any necessary changes and put precautions in place, which can include social distancing, wearing masks for those who are able to or putting a hold on certain activities. We are cleaning our base on a daily basis and wiping down all surfaces to keep it as safe and germ free as possible and encourage the use of constantly sanitising hands. We also have hand sanitiser scattered around various parts of the base. We also advise all members of staff and parents/guardians of service users that if they do feel unwell or someone in their household is displaying symptoms of Covid to not come into the base or on activities. This is to keep everyone safe. We also monitor any other potential health risks and will be quick to make changes depending on government guidance.
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