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A collection of images of our base and also activities we've been on!

Pumpkin Carving!

We got pumpkins for our service users and carved them!

Pumpkin Farm visit!

Our service users enjoyed seeing lots of spooky attractions!

Pumpkin Farm

Visiting a pumpkin farm with our service users!

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens!

Visiting the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham!

Mini golf!

Playing mini golf with an amazing view!

Twycross Zoo!

Everyone enjoyed a day out at Twycross Zoo, where they saw loads of animals!

The Black Country Living Museum!

Taking our service users to visit the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley!

Black Country Living Museum!

Service users enjoyed seeing some of the vehicles in the Black Country Museum!

Black Country Living Museum

Our service users walked around the streets of the outdoor museum!

Black Country Museum shops!

Going into the past to visit some shops!

Dippy the dinosaur!

Our service users went to see Dippy the dinosaur!

Arcade visit!

We took our service users to the arcade, where they played a range of fun games!

Air Museum

Visiting the Air Museum. Our service users sat in a real aircraft from WW2!

Easter Bunny!

Our service users took pictures and had lots of fun with the easter bunny!

Nature Trail!

Going for a relaxing walk in the Summer!

Easter Bunny Visit!

The Easter Bunny came to visit our service users and gave them all easter eggs!

Easter Decorating

Service users made their own decorations and decorated the base for Easter!

The National Space Centre

Visiting the National Space Centre in Leicester!

British Motor Museum

Visiting the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire!

The Sea Life Centre

A visit to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham!

Coca-Cola Truck

Visiting the Coca-Cola Christmas truck!

Halloween Baking

Halloween cupcakes made by our service users in base!

Visiting Shops

We try to integrate service users into the community by taking them to everyday shops!

Video Game Exhibit

The service users saw video game consoles of the past!

Herbert Art Gallery

A visit to the Herbert Art Gallery!

Transport Museum

A visit to the Transport Museum!

Artist Exhibition

The service users went to see an exhibition for a world renowned artist!

World renowned artist exhibiton

We took the service users to an art exhibition dedicated to Frida Kahlo, who has a painting in the Louvre!

Digital Art Museum

A visit to the digital art museum which was a great sensory activity for all of the service users!

Cardiovascular Exhibition

A visit to an exhibition which included this cardiovascular display!

Christmas Lights

A visit to a Christmas lights display

Park visit

We had a picnic at Coombe Abbey Park!

Christmas Tree

The service users helped decorate the tree and the base!


A Scooby-Doo jigsaw completed by a service user

Christmas Painting

Christmas painting in base!

Painted Christmas Plate

The service users painted their own Christmas plate, to take home!

The base
Dining area

An area to play games, eat lunch and relax!

Arts and Crafts

Our arts and crafts area in our base!


We have a range of reading material for all abilities

Games area

We have a selection of games in base for all abilities

football table

Disability safe darts which don't have a needle or any sharp areas

ping pong

The lounge area to watch tv or to relax!

Reading area

An area to read in peace!


A diffuser which releases scents scientifically proven to make people feel calm and relaxed!


We encourage our service users to play music on the keyboard!


We have a range of books, board games and jigsaws, amongst other fun activities!

Pampering area

We have an industrial kitchen with all of the necessary appliances!

Sensory Room!

We have a small sensory room, which service users enjoy using!

sensory rainbow
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